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Keep Titus County Moving: Titus County Pass-Through Finance Program
According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Titus County experienced a 21.7% increase in population from 1990 to 2000 and is expected to continue to grow at approximately the same rate for the next decade. As the population continues to grow so will the traffic. Titus County recognized a need to act and took steps to improve the safety and mobility of the County, the City and the surrounding region. With the support of the City of Mt. Pleasant, Titus County submitted and was awarded The Titus County Pass-Through Finance Program. The program allows for improvements to US 271, FM 1000 and FM 2348.

Titus County Pass - Through Finance Program: Changing the way roads are delivered in the State of Texas.
Titus Couny, with the support of the City of Mt. Pleasant, submitted and was awarded the Titus County Pass-Through Program. This program, authorized under HB 3588, gives local governments the ability to work in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation to meet the transportation needs of their communities. Upon the program being awarded, Keep Titus County Moving website was developed to serve as an information portal to the project. This website will provide project updates, schematics and maps, project progress and additional information for ongoing projects within the program.

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